24×7 ship-to-shore connectivity.


1.Getting in touch

Go to our Contact Us page and fill out your information along with a brief message about your inquiry and someone from 3mushrooms office will get in touch with you to discuss the project and gather more information about it.


Depending on the initial conversation and depending on the nature and size of the project, 3mushrooms office will get in touch with you to either:

a. Acquire more technical information about the project and discuss different options that might be relevant to the client to maximize efficiency and scalability.

b. Ask for an appointment to conduct a site survey (in collaboration with Monarch, our sister company, if needed) in case a physical presence is necessary to evaluate the project in hand better.

c. Ask for an appointment to present the recommended solution and finalize the contract and discuss all aspects of the project from financial, technical, logistics and so forth.

3. Project Implementation

Once the Purchase Order is received and all terms have been met, 3mushrooms will start implementing the project with the collaboration of Monarch’s engineers who will carry on the installation and provide the technical support for the project. to start implementing the project.

4. Project Completion & Delivery

Once the project is completed, Monarch engineers will provide hands-on-training for appointed officers and will also provide a Technical Support phone number and contact information in case of any assistance is needed. All training will be documented and sent back to our client’s head office as a proof of training on the new project implemented.

5. After-Sales Maintenance & Support

Depending on the support package chosen, our Technical Support team is always stand-by and available to handle all your connectivity needs around the clock. We do offer support packages that provide peace of mind so you can focus on growing your business


After the project is delivered, 3musrooms will contact the customer to check on how business is doing and ask for feedback about our services.

7. Enjoy the benefits of being a
3mushroom’s customer:

Being part of the 3mushrooms and the Monarch family means a continuous involvement and continuous education for our clients to keep them ahead of their game. The values that we offer don’t end once the project is completed. Instead, they actually start after the project is finished. This is when you feel the difference with dealing with 3mushrooms. We thrive on being true partners with our clients. This happens with inviting you to our free seminars and events to discuss the new advancement of the rapidly growing satellite communication industry. We equip our partners with the necessary and up-to-date knowledge to operate more efficiently and gain traction in the industry.



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