Marine Satellite Internet & Navigation

We supply and install satellite communication systems. We supply and repair VSAT Systems, Inmarsat Equipment ( Inm-C, Mini-M, Fleet, Fleet Broadband, Fleet Phone), Iridium, Thuraya. We also offer full communication services, Accounting Authority, Activations via our partners, Otesat, Stratos-Inmarsat, 711, Vizada, Evosat, Telaurus, Milano Teleport, Singtel.

Broadband relay gateway for seamless connection between the GSM network and VoIP network. Allows local calls between vessel & land while supporting the transmission of the caller number from the PSTN to the VoIP. Reduces telecommunication expenses by using local network. Get connected with VSAT Internet

FleetBroadband (FBB)

Choose from a range of capabilities and antenna sizes to suit your vessel needs. Whether you select the FB150, FB250 or FB500 terminal, you can rely on FleetBroadband for cost-effective operational and crew communications.

Satellite TV

Our satellite TV antennas bring high performance to your onboard entertainment that you would expect from your home entertainment system.

LRIT/ Vessel Tracking

back to top The Long Range Identification and Tracking (LRIT) system is a designated International Maritime Organization (IMO) system designed to collect and disseminate vessel position information received from IMO member States ships that are subject to the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS).


As with all major modern day industrial networks, there is a shift happening in Maritime Industry towards implementing modern fiber / Ethernet networks. In previous years, the industry typically viewed cruise or ship Ethernet networks as ”IT infrastructure” and saw this primarily as a cost center. However, today rugged and heavy duty VoIP telephones represent a highly cost effective way for rig & ship owners to future-proof their fiber network for expansion using open standards whilst improving their offshore communications.


An Electronic Chart Display & Information System (ECDIS) is a computer-based navigation information system that complies with International Maritime Organization (IMO) regulations and can be used as an alternative to paper nautical charts.


back to top Information provided by AIS equipment, such as unique identification, position, course, and speed, can be displayed on a screen or an ECDIS. AIS is intended to assist a vessel’s watchstanding officers and allow maritime authorities to track and monitor vessel movements.


back to top Gyro Compass a type of non-magnetic compass which is based on a fast-spinning disc and rotation of the Earth to automatically find geographical direction. These are widely used for navigation onships, because they have two significant advantages over magnetic compasses.


Voyage data recorder, or VDR, is a data recording system designed for all vessels required to comply with the IMO’s International Convention SOLAS Requirements in order to collect data from various sensors on board the vessel. It then digitizes, compresses and stores this information in an externally mounted protective storage unit. The protective storage unit is a tamper-proof unit designed to withstand the extreme shock, impact, pressure and heat, which could be associated with a marine incident (fire, explosion, collision, sinking, etc.).


back to top Emergency Position Indicating Radio beacons (EPIRB) distress radio is one of the best mechanisms operative to help adventure enthusiasts and explorers keep in touch with the world. Ships could keep in touch with the mainland without the fear of getting lost in the oceans.


back to top The use for CCTV aboard ship is fast becoming an important aid to the safety and security of the crew, passengers and the vessel itself. Whether your aboard a Trawler or other fishing vessel, a private Yacht or even a luxury cruise liner CCTV has an important part to play.


Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) has been developed by the maritime nations in the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and is the result of their adoption of amendments made in 1988 to the 1974 International Convention on the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS).

airtime solutions

Providing You The State-Of-The-Art Satellite Internet Solutions on VSAT & FleetBroadband


Faster Internet

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  • Unlimited data usage
  • VOIP Service
  • E-Mail and Email compression service
  • Bandwidth Management
  • Failover option
  • Crew Calling PINs
  • Local Area Network design and setup
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FleetBroadband 150

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  • < 150kbps Always-on IP data
  • Affordable global voice and data service
  • Up to 3 extra phone lines
  • Group 3 fax
  • For small to medium-size vessels
  • Email compression service
  • Antennas from: H 22.1cm x D 29.1cm, 2.5kg
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FleetBroadband 250

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  • < 284kbps Always-on IP data
  • < 128kbps Guaranteed Steaming IP
  • Up to 9 extra phone lines
  • Group 3 and 4 fax
  • GSM calls using pre-paid SIM
  • Email compression service
  • Antennas from: H 27.56cm x D 32.92cm, 3.9kg
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FleetBroadband 500

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  • < 432kbps Always-on IP data
  • < 235kbps Guaranteed Steaming IP
  • Up to 9 extra phone lines
  • Group 3 and 4 fax
  • GSM calls using pre-paid SIM
  • Email compression service
  • Antennas from: H 64.3cm x D 65.3cm, 18kg
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