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Because I enjoy what I do, titles do not matter!

Managers sit on desks while leaders are busy setting expectations and being role models for everyone in the company. Being a CEO is probably the most annoying title I have ever had in my professional career. Annoying in a sense that it’s labeled me as an office man sitting on a big desk wearing a…

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VSAT: Value for Success with Affordable Technology

It’s more than just an antenna… It is no longer a challenge to get satellite internet onboard any vessel nowadays. But “what’s best for you” still remains unclear for some ship owners and operators. While there are many different ways to get satellite internet onboard a vessel, the common ones are L-band (Inmarsat and Iridium)…

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What You Need to Know about VSAT

VSAT:  Value for your business, not just an antenna. The first satellite networks were geared towards improving the safety of the seafarers and their vessels. As technology advances, the need to transfer data between vessels and their shore offices has increased to enable them to perform their tasks more efficiently and much faster than the…

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Why is my VSAT Slow

Why is my VSAT Slow? Understanding VSAT Speed!! The Internet is no longer a luxury, but rather a necessity nowadays. Whether it is for a personal or a commercial use, one cannot afford not having access to the world wide web anymore. Many companies spend a good chunk of money acquiring equipment, software, databases, CRM,…

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